Just a quick thought post as I’m working on  longer one about an event this week x

So this week was a pretty shit week and I felt extremely vulnerable among even my closest of friends. Along with these circumstances I was inspired to write this by someone who reminded me that there is a piece of vulnerability in everyone.

Vulnerability is a funny thing, we are taught to hide it and keep it under the surface, to ‘man up’ (this phrase in itself could warrant a single blog post but that’s not what today’s post is about). As a result of this, when I am vulnerable I feel like I’m the only person in the world, completely alone. As if no one else has problems and everyone seems to be doing better. Of course, I know that I’m not however you can’t help but feel alienated when you are at your most vulnerable. With this alienation comes the weight that you should be ashamed for being imperfect, for not showing strength all the time, for crying, expressing feelings or even just simply voicing an honest opinion that others may disapprove of.Let me distinguish, before we get any further, that its hard. Showing vulnerability is probably one of the most terrifying experiences. Simply because you can’t control the reaction to this vulnerability and, at this moment you are exposed.

This week, my vulnerability stems from the need to and for love. With a bad week I’ve found it hard to relate to people and felt extremely isolated. My reaction to this was ‘enough is enough’. I felt tired of bottling up my emotions and so I decided to reach out to my friends and simply say, look I’m in a bad place and I feel alone.



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