An Impulsive Letter.

This was planned to be a blog post on that state of abortion laws in Queensland and what I personally think about them however, life (as usual) decided otherwise. As a result, I will save that topic for another time an improve my views on it for you all. Instead I am inclined to write a letter from the heart, whether it will reach the person intended I am unsure. However, I hope that anyone who reads it will be able to learn something or reflect from it.

Dear you,

I am not sorry. I am not sorry I have known you, or spent time with you, or for any of the time we have spent together. We started off as friends who saw each other in brief glimpses and slowly developed into something more. It was your smile, your ‘are you ok’, your taste in music and your quirks that sent me into a blurred state of mind that I doubt I will ever shake. Everything you touched was fresh and new for me, even if I had experienced it before, it was different with you for our minds matched and challenged each other.

You inspire me with your spirit. I have never met anyone that tackles life like you do. Climbing to the top of cliffs by the seashore and yelling from above to everyone below that you love me without a worry for falling, giving me a heart attack or caring for the others around us. We were a whirlwind together that just didn’t stop or care for the world around us and singing, dancing and kissing in the rain together was our specialty.

In the beginning we battled with what we were, who we wanted to be together and now we do so again. Are we friends, is this where we part ways? Everything is floating above us in the air and there is no clarity for either one. We see the need to part for now as emotions do take their toll yet, I can’t help but desperately reach for you as I am so used to doing. I know that right now you need a friends, people around you to laugh and not cry – I hope that I can be that friend but I know that there a things I need to work on first.

My wish is we not start again but instead, adapt together. I know we both need and want each other so as you say let’s be friends. Take me to concerts, I’ll take you to op shops – we’ll laugh and share our latest flings and eat all the ramen we can. I’ll tell you when I’m feeling shit but won’t expect more, for I will rely on many others and as will you. I hope that you see this and agree, just know that you will always be in my heart.

With love,

Your ma petite choufleur x Placeholder Image

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