Four + Two

A Night’s Recollection.
Read this recollection of one night of my life if it tickles your fancy. Remember the moments that make you smile my friends. 

The past day has been hot, not sweltering but hot enough for the smell of sweat to simmer from people in the shops. My eyes briefly flit around the picture before me. Afternoon shopping time. Most likely for tonight’s dinner. There is not a great amount of people but there are enough to feel like you’ve been seen and could be seen by anyone you know. I press my lips together and open my mouth to let out a wet squelching sound to taste the air, as if it will tell me what I am hungry for.

“I don’t know what I want.” I mumble, glancing over at my friend.

“Neither, just food. No. Wait. Cheese, not just any cheese though, Camembert.” She replied.

I nod at this decision, wishing I had thought of it myself to save the trouble of actually having to make a decision. Maybe they have hot food? Now that would be good.


In the end, I bought hot chicken wings from the in store deli. I figured that you can’t go wrong with hot wings. Looking back I’m not sure what I was more looking forward to, chilling out with some radical friends or, deliciously tempting chicken wings? I think you know the answer to that.

Anyway, our music choices that night led us. We started with some upbeat bangers that set the mood with excitement and adventure. By the time we four arrived at stop one the sun had set, the sky was an ethereal lilac with refreshing orange sweeps and the moon was a bright beacon.

We wrangled our supplies and braved the now chilly air, to see the city from above and share stories and create memories together. As we sat and ate we tried our best not to slide down the slope we were on and keep each one of our quartet on the small pink blanket we had brought.

We keep moving. Our spirits less than they began yet, still sparkling and humming. A mid trip stop is what we decide. Bunnings of all places. Back up the music goes and we sing and dance in the car, blinker on, ready to turn left with the rest of the world. It switches, from dull red to a bright and brilliant green. Somehow, at this time of night the warehouse is not only open but busy. Eager to enter we clamber out of the car quickly and breath in the new night air. New? Well, new to us.

There’s just enough time to slip in for supplies before it closes and for us to make it to stop number two. Fleetwood Mac plays on the radio, we all smile and prepare for the next trip.



That night, at the second and first stops I had a wonderful time with good company, music and food. All four of us were happy to adventure and follow along each other’s rhythm. Four adventured to two picturesque places and you know what? It was nice.
In fact, it was more than nice.
Molly x


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