Space Grey.

via Daily Prompt: Gray

A fleeting feature on friendship and observing life in colours.

You once told me that white reminds you of life, of just being. Thinking about that, this is a small tribute to you and the way in which you manage to live and tackle the world. You are space grey. A “neutral colour meaning literally ‘without colour’”. This is not to say that you are colourless. Like grey, you have equal components or red, blue and green which allow for your disposition to progress through your vivid emotions.



We were young when we met each other. I shared your new beginning, your second stage some might say. We were fast friends, from similar walks of life we understood what others around us didn’t. You were welcomed with opened arms, you made a mistake even before we got to know you. But as we said, its okay. Everyone makes mistakes and you are forgiven. After all, you were honest in the end. The years went by and we drifted apart and back together again as most do. A separate support to our usual people is what we became to each other really. After all, we shared some of the same pressures, friend issues and mental breakdowns so it was natural.

I’m going to say right now, we’re past the point of people trying to fix us, to clean up the mess that are our lives. Really its no more messy than anyone else’s. We just know have to express it differently than other people. I love where we are at the moment. I mean, I’m having a brilliant time and I hope you are too. I feel like we are both depending on each other a healthy amount and that makes me smile because there’s a balance beginning to settle in. Yes that balance may change, but that’s okay.


A deep rich blue, with the texture of velvet.

Electric yellow, shooting sparks.

A warm, fluffy tan.

Thick indulgent red.

A liquid dark blue.

These are your personal descriptions of people in your life. The colours and textures that you surround yourself with. They make you comfortable, invigorated and sometimes enraged but they keep you alive and on your toes. These descriptions all have some texture or feeling paired with them and I feel that your depiction should not differ. You are galvanic grey. Constantly driving and energising situations, you are like a voltaic current.

Sometimes all your colour is drained. And you revert back to black. Black is your cover, your mask if you ask me. Its still you, yet slightly different. This is where your strength was built. In your worst times when you had to face forms of abuse, heartbreak and illness. Somehow you manage to hold one more colour. Orange. Its the new, the bright and the comforting – the taste of fresh, fresh rockmelon or the love for a sibling.

Grey, I’m loving the adventure.




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