Four short months have been fraught with many new experiences for me. From the role reversal of child supporting both parents emotionally, to sharing my thoughts and feelings extremely publicly. Some might judge this blog and see mostly downs, I see mostly ups. In fact, I feel the most alive I have in my life. I am becoming the human I want to be. Through challenging myself and the ideals and norms that have been thrust upon my subconscious for the entirety of my life.

In case you didn’t know, I shaved off my hair and bleached it. Not because I melted my hair in the process of dyeing it or because I wanted a fresh start or anything else like that. I did this solely for me. And I mean that. Yes, the black/blue short cut was a reaction to an event in my life, this however was not. It was a decision purely based off of exploration. I am a curious person and now is the time to seize the day (you know carpe diem and all that).

Some people refer to what I’m doing as a gap year, where I’m getting it out of my system before settling down to study. I think that this is going to be more a gap life. I want my life to be made up of adventurous trips to a vintage market and then walking across town just to stumble upon another one, randomly buying fifty dollars worth of plants from Bunnings for the hell of it, spending one hundred and eighty dollars on a beautiful three course meal and spontaneous trips to New Zealand. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to settle for one thing, I have so many passions.

Music, drawing, fashion, economics, geography, business, history, different cultures, the environment… the list continues. There is so much out there and I want to adapt my life around it. To make my life based upon experience.

I mean, look at me so far I’ve worked in:

-the arts
-medical industry

And I am going on 18 years of age this year.

Life is wonderful, everything is simply part of your journey.

So take it in, not day by day but second by second. There’s too much to miss so keep those eyes open and take the plunge into everything and anything.

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