Ouroboros: a Symbol to Live By

As per usual, life has been beyond busy and I have once again let my passion for writing and creating slip below the surface, to be consumed by everything else. So many things have occurred since my last post that I think I may have to write up some of the events for, they are worth documenting in my humble opinion. One of the events that has recently passed is my eighteenth birthday after which, I happily got my first tattoo. The tattoo itself means the world to me and this is why…

Creation from destruction is a beautiful thing.

Rising from the ashes, lifting oneself from a dark place and emerging once again into the world. The thought that it does not end here, that just because a situation has occurred it does not equal the end of anything. All is one and there is a unity of both the material and spiritual. It is like the experience of the ice cool water of the sea on a cold winters day, a numbing comfort that seems to shroud your soul in a soothing blanket.

This is the Ouroboros.

Originating far back in history as a symbol for renewal. Depicted in the form of a serpent or dragon devouring its own tail in a connected circle. Mine is a serpent of the sea. Gliding and sliding with the waves, beginning with the lulled sway until momentum is gathered and I crash and plunge once again into the depths. To me, this is the only way to live my life. Accepting that everything will eventually crash, but there is still new life afterwards. Relationships may change, renew and fail but there is always going to be another on the next page.

I leave for New Zealand later today, my first time being out of the country since a holiday from when I was little. I am beyond excited to explore this new part of the world. There have already been a few hiccups on our trip so far and we haven’t even left the house. One passport lost, frantic scrambling to get movies for the plane and to ensure that nothing has been forgotten.


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