Open Your Heart and Mind

A letter written for someone who deserves the best.

Dear you,
Its time to snap out of it now. Since turning eighteen and experiencing the seemingly bright, new adult world you have become caught in a swirling whirlwind. Nights of insobriety and consuming extreme amounts of poutine from five dogs at four am in the morning. Heading to work the very next day, dark circles under the eyes and slightly crusted sleep in the corner of your eye. Its been two months and the cycle needs to be broken. You can steadily feel yourself slipping into the depths that often seem to drag you down. You keep to the advice from the people around you; try to get enough sleep, eat right, keep going. Most of the time you can do this and everything is fine. But it is those slow, creeping thoughts that worm their way into the cracks of your brain that start to separate you at the seams. Yet, your life is in a good state at the moment. People care enough to reach out and its evident that you have support around you. The issue in this cycle though is that you perceive this support as a considered obligation on their part, that because they care about you they feel as if they have to help you. Contrary to your brain’s thought process this is not the case. They are there because they want to be. Just like when you are there for your friends emotionally or psychically, you are there as you also want to be. Everyone stresses, its how you deal with that stress that determines your enjoyment day to day. The hours you work diminish, and the spending money for life reduces, the tensions in your joints tighten and bunch and your breathing shortens. The stress rises and judgement clouds. This is everyday life. You’ve accepted who you are through the duration of the year so far and now, the next step is to frame the goals of who that person is. You are floating no longer in the ocean nor in a lake instead, the river journey begins. You know its the next chapter of this part of your life but its turning the page that sometimes takes a little bit of time. Next week is a big week, after this weekend you have multiple opportunities to slightly alter the course of the future. From job opportunities to keeping your sacred spaces clean and revitalised. Make sure that you first of all, stick with our supports. These close friends and family have carried you through so many things and you would do well to remember that. With this however, remember to open your heart and mind to the new people that may want to approach. After all, it always benefits to have many contributions rather than one. Just make sure that you stick by those who have stuck by you. I don’t feel like writing much else at this current point in time but this is the first time I have opened my heart and mind to writing in  long while. I hope that in the future, you will continue to carry on and discover while opening your heart.

With love,
Molly xox


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