The Balance Point

Balance is difficult to achieve but a necessity for the everyday. It surfaces in relationships, mental health, diet, exercise and much more.

Without it, we either become overwhelmed and tired or frustrated and bored.

Connectivity is a key part of balance:

– body and soul

-soul and mind

Not just to yourself but also, the people around you

It’s a never ending push and pull. At the moment, I’m really working on this whole core rhythm of balance. I was going to say ideal but it’s more of a rhythm that everything seems to beat to.

To have strength in balance you really need to listen to yourself. Recognise what you want and also what you need. See, what you want and what you need. Those two are especially integral to self and life balance. Because what you need isn’t necessarily what you want yet sometimes it is the other way round.

A good word to use would be triggers but it’s definitely not the best. Because you have to find what triggers the need for balance but I think that triggers implies an already off balance of thought process.

My best word to use would be compromise because you’re finding that balance point where you’re about to take off and fly but you’re compromising by being still firmly on the ground.

At the moment, the focus point for my balance goal has been to keep to the present. I’ve been struggling by looking too much to the past and what I’ve previously experienced or done as well as looking too much into the future and creating who I think I should be. In my compromise for balance, I’m committing to staying present in every moment and actually letting it play out rather than either comparing it to something from my past or trying to look ahead to the future.

I’m already seeing results from using compromise as my focus both in myself, my actually day to day life as well as my relationships with those around me. I’m excited to continue to work on this as I know it’s something I’m already going to carry with me most likely for the rest of my life.

Always up for a discussion and always,

Unapologetically Molly xx

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