Homes Blackout Collection

A bit of black out poetry for all you poetry people out there. Black out poetry is where you create a poem using the words from an already created text. For these, I used a homes magazine. I’ve written the completed poem out next to the photo of the original. Enjoy! 

Intricately patterned recurring light,
Shade and sense drawing outside into the living. 

Catholic church,
a landmark on the island
Stone draws inspiration from the watch that stretches the head.
Sustain this natural priority
Age and weather,
Need. Require power. 
Careful of breezes and orientation
Critical work no exception. 

Completely ignored surrounds
Carving openings in rooms onto this serene land
Series of light wells allowed dark,
Light can flow from openings in walls.  

Boasts brief time,
Highlight the narrative
Chosen to recede.

Separated and serenely self contained
Still in reach of the void.
Carried by work,
the time to understand
Intent of each makes easy work
Deep and consistent,
Quality commitment producing a very big heart. 

Existing for the majority.
Reworking, adapting
To give more
To take advantage
Converted covers. 
The former replaced – 
hidden space.
Focus conceals Blinds sun to give a sense of light and warmth
The result?

Light my fire. 
Fire radiant, 

First published in Baby Teeth Journal 2019.

Written By: Molly St John Mosse

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