About everything.

About me.

I am a self proclaimed writer, poet, artist, director and performer. Growing up in Brisbane, I experienced the warmth of the Brisbane arts community and haven’t looked back.

My goals are to consistently work on my practice in all facets. Improvement is the key, even if I only grow a little bit each and every day.

About the blog.

This blog first started late in 2016 as a pretty poor attempt at blogging. It then developed into a space for me to express my feelings on the events of my life. Now, I consider it to be both of these things and also an online platform for musings and art.

The concept began when I realised that I was tired of apologising for being myself. I let my worries that other people would judge me or that I was doing the wrong thing distract me from who I really was. From then, I decided to be unapologetically myself – a.k.a unapologetically molly.

I understand that I’m not perfect. I will be the first to admit that there are many things that I need to work on. But, this is part of my commitment to myself to do that. A space for me to explore this and document it.

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