My name is Molly St John Mosse and this is my blog. I first started Unapologetically Molly in 2016. It first began as an attempt at blogging however it soon developed into a space where I could discuss and express my true feelings.

The entire concept of this blog is that I am aiming to be 100%, unapologetically myself. Over the years I have spend too much time worrying and sometimes even apologising for who I am. No more. I am a strong, independent young woman with bipolar type II, I love music and art and I rock climb to pass the time.

My life journey has not been easy so far however, it hasn’t been as hard as it could have been. Thanks to my supports around me and myself, I am who I want to be. And, I develop this with every single new experience. Some of the things you read on here may surprise you and you may judge me for it. Do so if you wish. For, I am simply being myself! Please enjoy reading and I hope this helps you to become unapologetically you.

If you want to contact or anything, send me an email:



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